Lira wowed by Blankets and Wine

Lerato Molapo also famously known the world over to music lovers as Lira was in Nairobi for the March edition of the Blankets&Wine event where she gave an eclectic and energetic performance.
This edition marked the first Blankets&Wine edition this year and will see Crown Beverage Limited as the main title sponsors throughout this whole year.

This was not the first or the last visit for the award winning South African crooner to the country. In fact this was Lira’s fifth time in Kenya.
“Every time I perform in Kenya it just gets better and better. I was amazed by what I saw on Sunday at the Blankets&Wine. People came out in large numbers to enjoy, celebrate and have fun. Wow! That was amazing” she said proudly.

There’s been word going around that Lira is a diva but what you see when you talk to her is a confident, beautiful woman who is proud of what she does. And vocal she is about what she believes in.
The “Ixesha” singer boasts six albums under her sleeve.

When asked about what she thinks of Kenyan music, she regretted that Kenyan music is not popular in the South African scene.
“It’s a pity that Kenyan music is not marketed in SA so much hence South African’s know just a bit about it. I know and love Eric Wainaina’s music though. I love his passion for the music he does and I just love the topics he tackles in his music. In fact plans are underway for us to work together on a Swahili song which I really want to do. Swahili is just a beautiful language. Right now the distance is an issue but it will have to work out somehow. Eric’s album “Twende Twende” remains my all time favorite album of his” explains Lira.
Well, she does know other Kenyan musicians and appreciates them and their music as well. She is friends with Valerie Kimani and was wowed by Atemi’s Blankets&Wine performance.

Lira who describes her music style as Afro-Soul makes no secret of bigger things to come in her career and in her music you can tell that that woman got soul. She loves everything love and empowering people. This is even evident from some of her album titles All my Love (2003) and Return to Love (2011). I’ve also recently learnt that the name Lerato means love.

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