Heartbreak feels like this

Taking a relationship to the next level is like setting out to sea on a great journey. At first, the wide open waters appear boundless, but eventually you may feel trapped on your tiny boat by the ocean’s containment of your space and the occasional rough seas pound your boat relentlessly, sending yourself into the air. Suspended for a moment, your body is frozen and pains from gusts of wind that come like punches before beginning its slow, deliberate fall toward the floor below.

That’s exactly what heartbreak feels like.

Life is full of surprises and sometimes, its unexpected exhalations really catch us by surprise. But, when the powerful blasts of reality hit: her watery eyes tell you she doesn’t love you back; he goes M.I.A.; you’re left at the altar on your wedding day; you find your girlfriend in bed with someone else; your parents divorce – we’re left watching ourselves being suspended for a moment, wishing we could somehow mutter the right words or do the right thing to coax them back.

The Science

Heartbreak is a mind-numbing experience, and ultimately is more than just an emotional defeat. To some, the pain is very real.

Emotions affect physical health in more ways than we may realize. According to researchers from a recent psychology study, “Pain is the way the mind responds to trouble inside the body. And, is a response in an attempt to learn about and motivate recovery.”

The Recovery

For all those reading this article right now, it is certainly reassuring to know that the heartache and pain you feel now ultimately will “motivate recovery.” You will be fine. And, positive acceptance of whatever happens around us keeps us sane.

The heartbreaks inevitably will come, so will the deaths and disappointments, as will the global disasters and heartless devastation. But, we have to remember that even with our jobless, boyfriend-less, girlfriend-less, mother-less, father-less selves, there is beauty and joy in our lives.

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