Windows 8 open for free consumer preview

Microsoft has announced the release of the Windows 8 test version for consumers. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview offers a more robust experience for testing the world’s most popular operating system. This latest preview is available for download at

Microsoft says the Windows 8 is the next milestone of the Windows operating system.

“With Windows 8, we reimagined the different ways people interact with their PC and how to make everything feel like a natural extension of the device, whether using a Windows 8 tablet, laptop or all-in-one,” said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows live Division at Microsoft.

“The Windows 8 Consumer Preview brings no-compromise approach to using your PC.”

Microsoft has added a few nifty features on the Windows 8 including an app store filled with a variety of apps from both third-party developers and Microsoft. Windows 8 Consumer preview offers seamless integration with the content people care about across their Web services and comes with Internet Explorer 10.

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