Moving your relationship forward

So you gave Paul a passionate smooch good night and he was the one moving in on you. Fantastic, even after a year of dating, he’s clearly still very interested. So far, so good. But, sometimes you wonder why this man hasn’t brought up the idea of getting into a serious relationship with you.

Maybe Paul just feels comfortable with the way things are. It’s possible that Paul wants to keep his options opened, and maybe he’s fooling around with another lady. Perhaps Paul is simply not that interested, and you’ve been a time-filler for the last year. Or, maybe Paul is really interested in a serious relationship, but commitment really freaks him out.

Taking a relationship to the next level is like setting out to sea on a great journey. At first, the wide open waters appear boundless, but eventually you may feel trapped on your tiny boat by the ocean’s containment of your space.

Men hate being cornered and forced into a situation. Paul is perhaps like one of those men. Giving him an ultimatum may actually make him run for his dear life. Though you’ve dated Paul for a year, and as much as you feel like he needs to either check-in or check-out because your youth is ticking away, you need to give him time.

Make your intentions clear, but skilfully stay cool – chill out dear Capital Lifestyle Magazine Reader.

Perhaps Paul is ready for you, but the idea of being a “boyfriend” and being accountable is scaring him. You see, once he is your “boyfriend,” his previous excuses like “I’m busy Babes” will no longer work with you. He maybe worried that he’s not up to the task yet.

Whatever the reason behind Paul’s lack of commitment to you right now, being patient and keeping your communication channels open is what you need to do. Assuming responsibility for your current situation helps you to move beyond your frustration. Don’t jump to conclusions nor doubt, until you’ve been given a reason to. After all, you’ve invested a year of your time in Paul – you owe this much to him and yourself.

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