Grecian inspired look: work it like a goddess

Anytime I hear the word Greek or Grecian, I picture something graceful, beautiful and effortlessly stunning! goddess much?
My obsession with anything Grecian fashion goes way back. This is one look that keeps getting better and better and will never fail you (I promise).

Nailing the Grecian look whether fully or partial is easy peasy. All you need are Grecian or Grecian inspired accessories!!!
For the effortless beautiful Grecian look you can simply spice up your simple maxi dress – whether strapless or otherwise – to achieve the look.

Statement jewelry come in handy here. You know how the Greek women used to do it with the cuffs, statement earrings, statement arm bracelets and the vine leaves inspired headpieces and flat sandals to complete the look? That is how you do it.

For that Grecian inspired hairdo
Get the vine leaves inspired headpiece or do simple French braids and complete the look with a pair of powerful earrings.

Whether you are walking the red carpet, attending an elegant “glitz and glamor” kind of event…you can give the Grecian look a try.

Remember: White and silver go hand in hand while other colors especially black will blend really well with Gold accessories.

If you are going with a Grecian Wedding theme…
Keep your earrings elegant. You can either choose to go big on the head piece or with other jewelry. Remember its your wedding, so minimum accessories equals elegance to the core.
Check out Alicia Keys below nailing the Greek goddess look on her wedding day. Beautiful huh!

Never overdo it with the accessories though. If the necklace makes a statement on its own, keep the earrings minimal and vice versa.

You can always modify or make the accessories yourself.
For hair accessories you can modify hair bands or even use a chic malleable belt to achieve this. You can always take apart a necklace you don’t use anymore and create your own lovely Greek head piece.

It’s that easy, accessorizing appropriately will easily earn you that graceful spotlight pap!

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