How to make good balls – meatballs that is

With meatball specialty eateries popping up in some of the World’s most glamourous cities like New York and Los Angeles, eating balls has become a trend that most foodies will welcome, even in Kenya.

Cheap and delicious – what else can you ask for? Great for lunch and simply divine as a quick dinner side. Here are some gourmet meatball hybrid ideas and tips that are a must-try.

Chicken meatball with parmesan cream sauce

– for tender and juicy chicken meatballs, use chicken thighs and put the skin in the grinder (the fat makes the mince moist)
– for the sauce, just melt some parmesan in cream – if time is an issue, microwave it!

Lamb or goat meat ball with rosemary and wild mushrooms in tomato sauce

– We all know Kenyans like their large portions, but in the case of meatballs, the bigger the ball does not mean the better. Big meatballs never cook through at the right temperature, and searing them on all sides until golden brown is just annoying.
– Try 4cm balls – it’ll cook in the right amount of time with the perfect crust

Beef meatball with rustic Sukuma Wiki

– lean meat with about a third of fatty bits will give you a moist mince

Spicy pork meatball with a Thai curry sauce

– You can buy ready-made Thai sauce from most supermarkets now, but if you’d like to try making your own, just add coconut milk, a lime leaf and some lemon grass in your usual curry base for a quick fix

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