New Mercedes-Benz can update Twitter by voice

Luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, has announced plans to integrate Apple’s voice command technology into its A-Class electronics system.

Dubbed the “Drive Kit Plus”, the system will let drivers access their iPhone apps while driving using voice commands. The integration will allow drivers to access their iPhone screens using the in-car system screen.

Siri will introduce drivers to a new level of hands-free driving with voice prompt commands to listen to music, change channels, send texts or make calls.

Users can also update their Twitter and Facebook account using the Siri feature in the Drive Kit Plus system. An additional feature that will ride on Apple’s Siri technology is the Garmin GPS system. Drivers will get directions through the surreal personal assistant that is Siri.

Mercedes-Benz will be the first carmaker to integrate Apple’s technology directly into the vehicle’s in-car system.

The Siri-powered feature will be showcased at the International Motor show in Geneva, next month.

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