She’s just not that into you!

Men, do you remember the days of “Sweetie, woishe nisambazie?” (“Sweetie, please send me some credit?”) Brings back memories right? I wonder if that still happens with the young girls nowadays …
Well, in most cases after you sambazad the chic, she would send you a text that only said “Thanks” or she’d beep you -NOT CALL- to indicate either that she had received the credit or so that you call her back to thank you (despite you having just sent her the credit). Ouch!

Well, if a chic ever did that to you, I bet you realized after some time that the relationship or whatever it is you had with her didn’t go anywhere and I’m sure by now you figured out that the credit you used to send her was for calling other people and not you – as she just wasn’t into you! She only referred to you as sweetie when she needed something from you…its clearer now right?

We’ve seen movies and read books about desperate women who always insist on men who are clearly not into them. This lot always end up making fools of themselves, hurt and distraught. Tables turn once in a while though.
It cannot always be about him not being into you. It is possible that a man can be into a woman and the woman not be into him at all.

You know that it is always the case to submit to your man and go with –or maybe not- the role he chooses for you. That is the reality. Trying to make a relationship work and not being into someone fully are two separate things.
When it comes to roles, a girl will WANT to play girlfriend role with you if she is into you and this she will make obvious on the first couple of dates with you. That has always been the number one clear sign that she feels you.
There are others signs, so I will be the source of light and shed some light on this in case you are blind about signs.

Here we go:

Signs to know if she has invested any emotions in you

• She really cares for you and doesn’t mind doing stuff for you
• She respects you and your decisions and is very supportive of you
• She doesn’t tell you about other guys she likes and thinks are hot
• She wants to see you and spend time with you and won’t be in a hurry to get away from you
• She will always make time for you, listen to you and pay attention to you
• She will do special things for you like cook without making it seem like she is tortured
• She loves being seen with you in public and wouldn’t mind some PDA
• She shows you off to all her friends, family and colleagues as you fit in her social lifestyle
• She takes up interest in whatever interests you voluntarily
• She’ll call and text you every once in a while to check up on you and not to ask you for stuff
• She will always pick your calls or call you back immediately if she found a missed call from you
• She introduces you to everyone as “her man”
• She doesn’t get irritated by those little annoying things you do
• She is always ready to be intimate with you
• She can leave her phone unattended when you’re together
• She doesn’t have anything to hide in her house and is comfortable with you visiting
• She is herself and doesn’t pretend around you

If she does most of the things mentioned above, then she likes you and doesn’t mind being your boo. You can rest assured that SHE IS INTO YOU.

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