Blackmailed! Online romance goes bad


I never ever thought this would happen to me. I never thought in a million years that I’d be the starring in this dramatic and thrilling situation!
This is me: young, attractive, successful entrepreneur, socialite, athletic, loved, a pious son, and of course I’m straight.

And this is my story:
On some random afternoon, feeling so unproductive at work, I took on the social media to just browse around until I landed on a certain page and that’s how I met *Jill.
An attractive aspiring model who is also a part time Kindergarten teacher – harmless right?

A brief insight into my love life… I’m getting to that age where my journey to find a partner in life is taking a toll. It’s hard to find someone that’s going to stand by you and take that faithful vow to be in a relationship with you “until death does you part.”

How long can I wait for the “one”? Last time I stared at myself in a steamy bathroom mirror, it was clear, I wasn’t getting any younger. I’m committed to finding the “one,” but until I do…there’s something called sexual needs that need to be fulfilled every now and then you know.

Back to my story… New to this online dating thing, I suggested that our first date be at a very public place. So *Jill and I ended up spending hours talking about how much we had in common over a romantic candlelit dinner in Westlands. It was wonderful, and we met many times over the next few months before I asked her over to my place.

Finally, *Jill came over. She looked absolutely dashing that evening. Then as is normal with ladies she asked if she could go freshen up, and I obliged and waited for her on the couch. Strangely, I could hear her making a call in the bathroom at the time, but I dismissed it and now ultimately regret ever letting her into my home.

Moments later, *Jill and I launched into a tight embrace and we kissed ever so passionately…that’s when we were suddenly interrupted by a thunder-like knock at the door.

When I opened the door to see who it was… it was a bit too late. Two men pushed right past me and ended up landing a punch on my right temple, knocking me unconscious.

When I came to, I found myself naked and bound with duct tape sitting on the couch next to *Jill who was also naked. On my other side was a strange man who shock of shocks was naked as well. I thought I was in the middle of a robbery until I noticed *Jill and the strange guy weren’t bound and that one of the intruders was holding a camera. What the hell was going on?

Then for the next five minutes, I remained silent in disbelief: *Jill and the other unbound guy posed suggestively next to my genitalia showing the camera their backs as one intruder took photographs of us, my face, and body. I thought this only happened to prominent people with a lot of money and a lot to lose.

The other intruder took my Blackberry and shouted through his mask that if I didn’t pay them Sh 200,000 in 3 months they would send all of the images to my entire contact list. This contact list includes everyone in my life including my folks, relatives, bosses etc. Soon after I was left alone in my house that now felt like a porn movie shoot scene.

Three months have since passed, and I am about to make my final installment of Sh 50,000 via M-Pesa to the intruders and that girl *Jill.

I have always thought I was too strong to be a victim, and never have I ever thought I would be paying off blackmailers, but this is my reality. I cannot afford to let my contacts see those images. If they did, my bankers would probably stop approving my projects and my hard-earned reputation as a respectable son and businessman would disintegrate back into my dreams. Aaarrgh!!!! all this because of a few minutes of boredom on that unproductive afternoon.


  • very strange..

  • Very Strange…

  • Am Lost for Words

  • Maria Kabiru

    shucks so sorry for this bloke!!!!! isn’t there a way for the network provider to locate the phone?!?!?! and/or a case be filed citing the phone as lost – cos it was stolen…

  • Dyno81dino

    all u needed to do is contact the police and with the help of phone service providers get those guys given it was a blackberry very traceable.

  • jingles


  • Next time you meet an “innocent girl” online please take your time 🙂 

  • kon

    This sounds made up. But if it’s not, here’s my 2 cents. “If you give a rat a cookie, he’ll ask for some milk.” That’s why it’s policy not to negotiate with terrorists. If you try end it in this way, you’ll be paying 200k for the rest of your life. Assuming that you don’t have such money, I suggest you start contacting the people on the address list and preempt…

    • Word!

       great advise kon!

  • Mkenya

    Cut the crap dude…Kim Kardashian was made this way! NKTorres

  • Jokopae

    to quote William Ruto “this is only possible in a movie”. that said, i acknowledge that it can happen in real life, case in point the bloke in this story. I just have one question for you: How do u know they will keep their word? heck if u can give 200k in 3 months just like that, why not 5ook then 1m and so on. you’ve been paying them via Mpesa just like that?

  • Jlowdoc

    After youa re done paying them–they may decide to black mail you all over again. you need to fid a way (not sure how it will work) to put their madness to a STOP! because, as it is, they have power over you now!

  • next pls..and a better story ts time 

  • MS, why are we blaming social media for this? Someone who is over 18 should be wise enough to know what to do and what not to do on social media

    … you can do better guys. 

  • Suzanne Wanjaria

    Very sad…but paying the blackmail is not a good idea coz like everyone says…they’ll definitely more….dude contact the authorities and your mobile phone service provider. 

  • Pitkag


  • Online dating isn’t all that its made out to be. There are too many people out to exploit those searching for genuine love. 

  • kevK

    Believe it or not, you are not the only news worthy person and if you confront them and face your fears of your reputation being broken and what not, you will realise that in less than a week people will be on about some other God-forsaken thing. Fortunately for you, Kenyan media is full of rubbish populating the airwaves daily and who knows, maybe those pics might just get you that one girl who you’ve been looking for. After they’ve seen you at your worst wait to see those who stick by you!! Think of it as reinvention! My sympathies however.

  • Easy come easy go …. whether make up or real online dating is not the way out

  • Ben

    sorry mister, too bad next time find something to keep you more busy

  • Try a better story next time…headline screams, body has no juice

  • Migicikinyanjui

    funny, mpesa personal details required even for withdrawal so nailing them quite easy, they blackmail you and you easily accept for such a large amount of money, next time it will not be an online date thing it will be something worse like them kidnapping you coz you can afford to pay them. bottom line cheap fabricated story.

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