Ladies, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having the delicious Channing Tatum as your boyfriend, and gents you should take notes when you happen to watch him in any love story.

His puppy eyes, nearly symmetrical face and charming manners make Channing hard to resist, and the case isn’t any different with his latest flick The Vow. Even though the title of the movie is as lame as soggy cheesecake, the fact that he is in there teamed up with the gorgeous Rachel McAdams – they deserve at least 20 minutes of your time.

So here’s the story line: Paige (Rachel) and Leo (Channing) are involved in an accident and when Paige wakes up she has absolutely no recollection of her husband Leo. The years they’ve spent together can barely be seen in pictures and there are several loose ends that make the marriage nothing but a figment of Leo’s imagination.

So for most of the movie, Leo is trying to make Paige fall in love with him again.

If you like love stories this one scores a 7 out of 10. Paige is impressive with her two personas and Leo plays the wounded puppy almost to perfection for most of the movie, at least.

There are a few steamy sessions but it would be advisable for you to carry a handkerchief or two or sit in a way that your date doesn’t have to see you crying.

The dramatic love story is directed by Michael Sucsy, and it is his second film.

The Vow is showing at Fox Sarit Centre, and next week they plan to introduce Safe House by Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

In the US box office, The Vow is at the number #one spot. It grossed $41.2 million last weekend, beating Safe House by a close shave at $40.2 million.

3D movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island was in third place, taking in $27.3 million.