Men’s fashion: Recreating the Steve Jobs look

The late Steve Jobs wasn’t the most fashion forward man on earth but you know when it comes to fashion a couple of tweaks here and there on a tired-looking outfit can make it come to life.

Now, Steve’s dress code was the simple black long turtleneck top, ill fitting jeans and sneakers…BORING!! And he never got tired of the same tired look every day.

There’s a way you can mimic this look but make it look so much better and then own it like you created it!

To recreate this look and make it your own, there are three things involved.
First of all, you have to have a toned body of course…no pot bellies allowed! Secondly your jeans have to have just the right fit… not baggy and definitely not tight. Thirdly and lastly carrying yourself out with some swag is mandatory.

After taking those three factors into consideration now you are at liberty to make any other tweaks you feel will suit you.
You can recreate it either with the more fitting turtleneck top or a more stylish, loose-ish kind that sort of drapes and looks like a cross between a snood and a shirt.

Color is all up to you but just make sure you keep it stylish and YOU!
Remember to accessorize appropriately 🙂

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