Going fishing on Nairobi’s Lenana Road

O’Sinkirri means fish in Maasai, but in this case it’s a Boutique Hotel alert! Thanks to a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs who saw a need and acted on it, a spacious but intimate structure was born off Lenana Road in December last year. Intended to be exclusive, the Fish is hidden to eyes that are not searching for it.

O’Sinkirri sits on a sizeable slice of land; and when you drive in, its fresh clean walls and paved parking lot have a quiet beauty to them. There is the sound of rushing water in the background – when you cross the tiny bridge that leads to the rear of the establishment; a themed waterfall and stream come to view.

Simply but tastefully designed using a simple earth brown and white walls theme, O’Sinkirri is like the home you might never have.

Alice Opee, the Consultant Manager, says the Boutique Hotel is targeted mainly at young executives and business travellers.

“We believe in personalisation. It’s a private location where someone who doesn’t want the hassle of shopping malls can sit down, relax and have a good time or even work. As the name suggests we serve sea food and we intend to compete with likes of Sankara and Tribe Hotel,” she said.

Though not as big as the hotels named, O’Sinkirri gives off the feeling that you must be smartly dressed to pay a visit. With 13 rooms and space for 60 cars, clientele have the option of spending the night, fine dining, coffee and cake or a well stocked wine bar that has a few mean cocktails.

There are no fat cats walking about as is the norm in various restaurants around that area.

A three-course meal could set you back by roughly Sh3,200 while beers retail at between Sh250 and Sh300.

The venue was designed by Quality Control Manager Cecilie Thorsen.

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