Valentine’s extravagance: DIY or restaurant

A quiet and romantic meal is one of the more obvious traditions associated with St. Valentine’s Day.

For those that are well prepared, perhaps you’ve already made a reservation at Flametree for an evening of culinary extravagance:

Valentine’s 6 course Dinner

Cucumber & Mint Amuse-Bouche
Spinach, Parmesan and Cayenne Baked Oyster
Potato, Parsnip & Parsley Soup with Honey Croutons
Seared Duck Breast with Chef’s Freshly Picked Berries & Port Jus
Spice Coated Lamb Cutlet with Fondant Potatoes & a Rucola, Grape Fruit & Orange Salad
‘Let’s Meet in The Middle’ – dessert

Flametree Restaurant at Sarova Panafric Nairobi Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012 - Friday Steak Night

Tight on a budget? Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two in the comfort of one’s own home, at a fraction of the cost with a lot more intimacy, given if your culinary abilities are presentable. Don’t want you lovers sitting on the loo the next day with dysentery or something!

For the DIYs (do-it-yourself), don’t put too much pressure on cooking something technically-inclined. Focus more on setting the right romantic atmosphere, and executing simple yet beautiful presentations of your creations. As celebrity chef Curtis Stone says, “Before a single bit of food ever reaches your mouth, your senses are hard at work deciding how delicious the dish will be.” Simple plating can add up to a high-impact meal presentation.

And, for those that are thinking about a make-up dinner, how about feasting at the popular Friday Steak Night at Flametree? It’s so popular that the steak menu is now available starting from noon on Fridays.

From a diverse selection of cuts, surely either a half kilo slab of rib eye, sirloin, rump, filet, beef strip loin minute, porterhouse or chateau will win over your Love’s heart!

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