Relax, it’s only Valentine’s

It happens once a year. And usually for me it brings out nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hopeless romantic and I don’t understand why we must have one day out of the year to believe that we must show what our women mean to us.

I mean REALLY?! Let’s grow up and start doing this every day, women are beautiful special creatures, I frankly don’t know what I would do without mine.

I don’t understand why we must all dress in red and have to buy meaningless flowers that will just be dead by end week (Just a thought- buy plastic ones, they will last longer than the person you’re seeing) and have to spend so much money at a time when it’s the middle of the month and you’re desperately trying to save for some more important venture.

I have heard of one person who was based in South Africa and flew all the way to Kenya just to surprise his girlfriend and then was busy paying off his credit card for ages.

I just don’t get it.

Why must we conform to what society believes as right or, is a foreign culture that we must follow and or adhere to?

Why can’t we concentrate on the bigger issues such as keeping our leaders in line and putting them where they need to be. Basically doing their job and not bickering all over the place and begging us for votes when the time comes?

There are bigger issues in this country for me and I believe quite a number of other men out there, that I feel we need to deal with.

On my way into work I was saddened by the massive number of tents decked put in the standard colour of Love around the Central Business District (CBD)

I was EXTREMELY perplexed! Why couldn’t that money have been donated towards a children’s home? IT’S CALLED COMMUNITY SERVICE, and how much can we bet they’d have had a lot more mileage from inviting the press to show what they have done with the promotional money, instead of hiring tents and setting up those stalls in town?

And ladies; one thing that all men are after, is that at the end of any night, we hope to get lucky.

Do you see the problem here? We take you out to a very fancy restaurant and at then end of the night we know how much we’ve spent, after a wonderful dinner and a couple of glasses of your drink, you believe this is the man you’ll end up marrying and that you can change him and that he will change for you.

But once the deed is done- that’s it, and you most probably may never hear from him again. Unless he really does like you, but by then, you’re expectations are so high, then for your next date he may take you to the ka- local where less money will be spent on you and there’ll be no romantic lights or a cute little teddy bear (most of which are stuffed in a closet).

So let’s all just do ourselves a favour and relax! Life moves on swiftly without having to be reminded at every turn that it is Valentines Day.

Let’s stay the working nation that we all know ourselves to be and export all those beautiful roses to the European Union and make money off them. Trust me – in the long run you will start seeing the benefits of this.

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