Mobile apps to spice up your Vals

Valentine’s Day is a special day to many lovers across the world. Spending time and money together is almost inevitable and it wouldn’t hurt if you have a mobile app to help you make that delicate decision of what to buy, where to dine or where to visit. Even for the single and searching, no need to despair. There are a handful android and iPhone apps that you can use to pamper yourself or just fool around with that ‘person of interest’.

For Android, you can send special email and Facebook messages using the Candy Hearts app or if you are the mushy type, download Spotify, TuneIn Radio or Deezer to listen to romantic music.

If you are thinking of taking her to dinner and you have no idea where, just use Google Maps to find restaurants and see reviews. Or maybe you just want a quite evening indoors, to maybe make a meal together and watch a movie, even if the only meal you can comfortably cook is the not-so-romantic-Ugali. Android apps will come to your culinary rescue.

Epicurious and Cooking Conversions will give you a list of recipes you can use including chocolate recipes, while on the side you can use Swirl Wine Guide and Mixology to pair and mix drinks at home.

In addition to these apps, you can also get Valentine’s Day HD live wallpaper, Bubble Blast Valentine, Valentine’s Day Ideas & Romantic Ideas, love horoscopes and Valentine’s Day Fun Facts.

For iPhone, Pocketbooth allows you to turn your iPhone into a photo booth complete with an image strip and several customizable features. For the singles, OkCupid iPhone app can help you find that someone special online.

Just because you don’t have a smart phone does not mean you can’t use your phone to express your feelings. You can use an app called SMS, all phones have it…so go on, send that special text. Happy Valentines!

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