You can smell someone who has a STI

Your partner doesn’t smell that great? Your nose might be trying to tell you something. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men with STDs actually give off a bad smell – guess sometimes the nose knows best!

According to lead researcher Mikhail Moshkin, his research revealed that men infected with Gonorrhea had a “putrid” odour.

Study participants wore tight-fitting t-shirts with special sweat-absorbing pads sewn under the arms for an hour, and then women between the ages of 17 and 20 were asked to sniff and analyze each pad.

Moshkin deduced that people can “conclude that unpleasant body odour of infected persons can reduce the probability of a dangerous partnership.” In other words, the “putrid” smell might just be Nature’s best line of defence – a biological warning against risky romantic partners.

So, next time your significant other doesn’t smell so fresh or you’re wondering whether you should take the next step or not, make sure you get a good whiff of his odour! Don’t be surprised if a STD may be in the question. However, bad odour and sweat smells can also be influenced by other factors like mood, diet, drugs and even hormone levels. So, don’t be too alarmed.

Journal Reference:
1. Mikhail Moshkin, Nadezhda Litvinova, Ekaterina A. Litvinova, Alena Bedareva, Andrey Lutsyuk and Ludmila Gerlinskaya. Scent Recognition of Infected Status in Humans. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, December 2011

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