Valentine’s edition: If you don’t fancy the all RED look…

So the big V day is fast approaching! In fact, there’s only four days to remaining. You could be the hopeless romantic type but red isn’t really your color…but if you need to incorporate red in your ensemble for whatever reason on that day; I have a few ideas for you. This is keeping in mind, of course, that bright red has a way of brightening your look and even your moods. So, if you want to remain with it this Valentine’s Day a dash of red instead of going all red could work out for you perfectly.

Here’s how:

I know it’s mighty hot but you could always work a red scarf, just make sure it’s made of very light fabric and you wear it with a white shirt. Crisp white mixed bright red equals one hot look! You will look debonair for sure!

Red handbags/clutch will also earn you the attention you deserve. Especially if it is made of quality material then you are good to go.

A cute red skinny belt to add taste to your ensemble is always the way to go. The best thing about it is that you can wear a red belt with absolutely any other color outfit. So if you don’t fancy being in all red, the skinny red belt will do just the trick for you on this day.

So you don’t want to look like everybody else wearing something red on the outside on this day, you can keep your red on the inside. Why not spoil yourself with a pair of red lacey lingerie. Believe me, you will feel absolutely cheerful and it will be your little red secret.

Red shoes, red shoes, red shoes…any day! These I can never get enough of. Red patent heels or flats (whichever floats your boat) will always earn you a few tasteful stares. You have to keep it really pretty though. Try the red skinny belt and shoes combo and you won’t regret it!

For the men, you really don’t need to go overboard with the red as red pants or a full red outfit will leave you looking like a misplaced Santa Claus. A simple red tie or red pocket square will do just fine. Wear this with a black or white shirt, either way you will look dapper!

A fresh well done red manicure will always look elegant. So if you don’t want to wear any red on this day you can treat yourself to a fabulous red manicure.

Of course you can get more creative by giving yourself a vintage look by wearing scarlet lipstick. You could try the dash of red look also by accessorizing with a red necklace, red bangles, a red stone/cocktail ring, a cute red flower in your hair …the list is endless. Just keep it minimal. You need to grace Valentine’s 2012 in style.

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  1. Anonymous February 10th, 2012 at 4:05 am

    That clutch is yummy! 


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