50 Cent on low key charity mission in Kenya


Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent sneaked into the country this week as part of a low key charity mission to aid hungry children in Somalia and Northern Kenya.

50 Cent who lent his star power to World Food Programme projects from October last year is said to have passed through Kenya on his way to Somalia as part of an project he is involved in for the global body.

In November last year, 50 launched a project called Street King, which was intended to help raise money to feed thousands of starving children in the Horn of Africa.

Street King is an energy drink that 50 says is made of natural caffeine and it guarantees six hours of focus and energy. With the project, for every drink that is bought, one meal is given in exchange to help feed children in Somalia.

Sources told Capital Newsbeat that the wealthy musician and actor is meant to leave the country today, as quietly as he came in.

The last high profile celebrity to visit Kenya was Brazilian millionaire model Gisele Bundchen. Officials say they kept her visit as quiet as possible due to threats against foreign nationals by Al Shabaab militants from Somalia.

Several foreign nationals have been kidnapped by the rogue militia, who demand ransom in exchange for their freedom.

While in Nairobi, 50 Cent was staying at the upmarket Sankara Hotel in the Westlands area.


  • Once again, Africans are the subject of charity. SMH. Am becoming immune and irritated with these stunts!

  • Sue

    @chepng’eno well lots of people all around the world (not only africans) are subjects of charity. better that way than not being compassionate at all. besides i suspect 50 cent and other celebrities might just be doing the same charity in their neighbourhood as well. however i agree such celebrities might better inform themselves what kind of “damage”  the charity issues has in development of countries.

  • Grammar!

  • Good job 50. Kenya is also sacrificing a lot trying to help the hungry children of Somalia by waging war on that terror group called Al Shabaab,

  • New age

    It’s OK for 50 cents to donate to Africa.  I donate to his brothers in the slums of US in inner cities such as Oakland and Baltimore. At least our slum dwellers are not violent like the gangsters 50 cents emulates in his music.  Ajienjoy!

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