The First Grader in Kenyan cinemas this month

The First Grader hits the cinemas in Kenya this month almost two years since its US release.

Featuring Kenyan actors Oliver Litondo and Dan Ndambuki (Churchill) among others, the story of Kimani Maruge, an 84 old Kenyan man who went to primary school, will finally be available for all Kenyans to see.

Due to copyright, the movie has not yet released in Kenya, showing only at select events such as the launch of last year’s Kenya International Film Festival.

The National Geographic movie, rated PG13, will hit the silverscreens in Nairobi on February 24.

The First Grader by Justin Chadwick is among the three main movies set for release this month.

The Vow, which is inspired by true events, will open worldwide on February 10, while Safe House which features Denzel Washington and was shot in Cape Town also hits the screen on February 24.

Other movies you can catch on big screen this month include: Agneepath, Warhorse, Chronicle, and The Descendants.

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