MTV Shuga II tackles gay loving


Edward Nyanaro is not gay, but Rayban – the character he plays in the upcoming SHUGA II drama – is. The issue of homosexuality stayed well out of the first serving of Shuga, but producers had to address it in the second part of the series after research focus groups named it as a growing impediment to the fight against HIV in Kenya.

Rayban is young, gay and very well a part of Kenyan society – something the role forced Edward to realise.

Edward was nervous when he took on the role, but it was a challenge and a responsibility he was willing to embrace. Producers and directors worked with him to make him relax into the role of Rayban, so that the message comes across.

Though talking about it is hard enough, Edward knows that it’s going to get tougher after his friends, family and other Kenyans watch Shuga: Love, Sex, Money. His role as a gay man is meant to enforce safe sex practices among the gay community in Kenya, and highlight

A red carpet premiere has been lined up for the MTV Staying Alive project this Friday and it promises to be controversially hot! Shuga: Love, Sex, Money will be showing on the local channels from February 14.


  • Anonymous

    Good for him.  And good for Shuga.  About time this was brought thoughtfully out into the open.

  • Jishlagat

    atleast the real issues are being tackled here

  • waynisha

    how n where can i watch this movie.

  • There’s everything wrong being gay. It’s a perversion and mental illness. No wonder I never listen to your radio station or advertise on it. Do you have children?

  • Jane

    I wonder when the word homosexuality will stop being used wrongly in reference to HIV/Infection. The issue is Men Who Have Sex with Men not being gay… Issues of sexual orientation and sexual preferences are totally different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 35% of HIV negative gay men turned positive in 5 months in a Kenyan study. Google for very high hiv incidence. Nature isn’t politically correct.

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