Going Japanese at Furusato

Furusato Japanese Restaurant - chicken teriyaji Photographed by Susan Wong 2012 Nairobi Kenya

An overwhelming favourite of most Nairobi sushi lovers, Westland’s Furusato definitely has more going for them than just its amazing location.

Spacious, calming neutral interiors, al fresco dining space and plentiful safe parking; Furusato Japanese Restaurant has an understated warmth that makes an exotic dining experience effortless for even the most ignorant sushi eaters.

Furusato serves up a hefty menu that showcases the best of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Too many choices? When in doubt, the experienced and polite staff is always ready to help.

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Capital Lifestyle started off with some comforting Miso Soup. A savoury broth integral to Japanese cuisine, Miso Soup is always known for its cancer-fighting properties. Furusato’s version was deliciously simple and unlike another Nairobi competitor, does not drown out the delicate flavours with huge amounts of white onions.

TIP: It may be strange to see people drinking Miso Soup with chopsticks and not a spoon, but that’s the right way to enjoy a bowl of steaming hot Miso Soup! Thanks to the smaller design of the Japanese soup bowl, use both hands to hold the bowl and drink the soup straight from the vessel just like you were sipping a cup of tea. Since miso doesn’t dissolve, use your chopsticks to mix the ingredients in the bowl and to pick out the smaller bits.

Furusato Japanese Restaurant - tuna pancake Photographed by Susan Wong 2012 Nairobi Kenya

Furusato’s Tuna Pancakes is a must try! More Korean than Japanese, Chamchijeon, is a delicious way to eating tuna without the fishiness that some of us may not enjoy so much.

Furusato Japanese Restaurant - Tempura Udon Photographed by Susan Wong 2012 Nairobi Kenya

Udon is a staple in Japanese cuisine. A thick wheat noodle, Udon is known for it’s chewy texture and sometimes, challenging to eat with chopsticks as splashing yourself with broth is a common experience for amateur chopstick users.

Furusato’s Tempura Udon combines the best of both worlds, golden-fried lightly-battered prawns with soft and chewy noodles!

Furusato Japanese Restaurant - sashimi Photographed by Susan Wong 2012 Nairobi Kenya

As sashimi-grade fish usually is shipped “superfrozen” by dry ice, Furusato’s sashimi was undeniably fresh but on the stiff side, which was most noticeable with the tuna. Instead of melting in your mouth and draping over your chopsticks with a striking sheen; the carefully cut raw tuna lacked lustre, was far from the buttery soft texture and at times, broke in segments.

Furusato Japanese Restaurant - chicken wings Photographed by Susan Wong 2012 Nairobi Kenya

Teba! Or chicken wings in Japanese, is everyone’s favourit Oriental version of Fried Chicken! Bless the fallen chickens!

The Japanese have surely outdone themselves with their take on chicken wings. Unlike its Western counterpart, the Japanese opt to serve their wings without an oil-soaking batter. Instead, to ensure that the wings remain succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside, frying them twice is a common practice. Dressed in a bath of special sauce, Furusato is one of the restaurants in Nairobi that are doing saucy fried chicken wings differently, with more spice and exotic flavours.

Served on a hotplate, Furusato’s Teriyaki Chicken arrives at your table sizzling and crackling with flavour. The perfect mix of soy sauce, Mirin, and sugar or honey make this Teriyaki sauce incredibly desirable. Sauteed with a diverse range of seasonal vegetables such as asparagus and sprouts, the chicken was perfectly sauteed until tender.

Furusato also features a lot of Korean choices; but I guess another visit dedicated to only Korean cuisine will be required. However, if you’re going Korean at Furusato, try the Jap Chae! After Kimchi, Jap Chae is perhaps the most famous Korean noodle dish, and Furusato’s is arguably the best in Nairobi. Made from sweet potato noodles and stir-fried in sesame oil with various vegetables – Jap Chae will not disappoint!

Always busy, make sure you reserve a table at Furusato in advance to avoid any hiccups!

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