Cope with the heat in a Romper!

A romper is indeed a one piece wonder that evokes different emotions from different people. There are those who love it and there are those who cannot stand even the sight of it.
When I think of heat, I try to think of any clothing item that can be worn to make one feel comfortable and free. Hence the romper comes to mind.
I like the way they have the appearance of chic high-waist shorts paired with the same print/color of top.

Rompers are light and of course they are tiny. I think they are strictly meant to be worn in hot weather.
Like I said earlier, Rompers are one of those items that can either work for you or not! So your body will also determine whether you can rock a romper or not. They are meant for the petite as you might end up looking all wrong if you squeezed into a romper and you are full figured.

Rompers were first invented as playsuits for little children seeing as they are light, children can feel free and comfortable to run around in them without feeling restricted. Hence, I would also recommend them as the ideal wear for chilling in the house, as beach wear and best of all for a trip to the mall (Since it’s a one piece taking it off and putting it back on is easy as you try on clothes).

This little number can work for a night out, depending on the style. You can wear them with a belt to give them an even more chic look.
For day wear, you should pair your cute romper with a cute espadrilles or sandals and for a night out, a pair of cute high heels to give you the endless legs look.

Rompers are fun, they are cute and they extremely chic. If you’ve got the body and guts for them then by all means invest in as many rompers as possible 🙂 .

Here are more romper looks:

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