AVRIL talks love, sex and money

Controversial musician Avril who recently released a new single Kitu Kimoja, is excited about the upcoming launch of the second series of MTV Staying Alive drama Shuga.

Avril, who plays a musician in Shuga: Love, Sex, Money, says the role that forced her to play two characters – namely Miss B’have the performer and Belinda the girl – was shockingly similar to her as a person.

The 25-year-old musician’s character depicted the plight of dating a two-timing gentlemen, and the risks of contracting HIV/Aids in the process.

“Miss B’have doesn’t know that Leo (Nick Mutuma) is in a relationship when they start dating, and in the process drama unfolds,” she says in an interview.

“It was an emotional rollercoaster,” she told Capital Lifestyle, as her role made her develop feelings for her friend and co-star Nick.

There are steamy scenes between Nick and Avril in the production, and the singer says she’s lucky she doesn’t have a boyfriend to answer to when the mini-film is released on February 10.

She confesses that her role and its development were therapeutic for her, because she actually saw herself in Miss B’have and Belinda’s characters.

It is Avril’s first time on the silver screen and the second time Shuga is being shot due to its successful uptake in the first season. Shuga is a project intended to create awareness among the youth on harmful sexual practices that can lead them to contracting the killer virus.

Avril admits that acting in the series refreshed her memory on AIDS and she recently took a test to know her status.

“Mimi nimejipanga,” she says.

Watch the Shuga: Love, Sex, Money trailer here.

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