Avoidance? Not me!

On Saturday as I was peeling an onion to make supper I realized the onion had an intact root running all the way through the middle of the onion. Usually I leave such onions for whoever cooks after me and move on to a better onion. WOW! I thought to myself I have avoidance issues!
How does the onion point to avoidance issues? Well, I leave the onion till someone else uses it and that takes care of the pesky onion or someone just handles it for me.

So many of us have avoidance issues without even realizing it.
I don’t even know where to start this sermon! Yes I said sermon because am about to preach and I’m not even asking for sadaka (offering).
Have you ever had an issue that disturbed you for so long yet you did not bring it up or confront parties involved just to continue living on that fake cloud nine?… You have avoidance issues!! Did you by chance see a mysterious text without intending to and you never asked about it?… you have avoidance issues!! Did you overhear something that gave you a huge gaping hole in your stomach and still you kept quiet about it?… you have avoidance issues!!

I totally understand why one would want to bury an issue or turn a blind eye on something that caused you discomfort but how does that help? I would rather be called nosy, nagging but have peace of mind. I happen to be a believer in leaving things as they are because I know that nothing can be kept a secret for very long but how long would I have to wait when just a question could ease all my fears and put my mind to rest?

Avoidance is not just when it comes to love. You may be putting off calling your best friend because you had a huge fight, you haven’t apologized and are hoping s/he will forget ( fat chance).
You may be putting off going to school to get your grades just because you’re afraid you might have failed or you might not be starting that business because you’re afraid of failure and you can’t stand it if it doesn’t work out.
Well, quit it and put yourself out there. Whats the worst that could happen right?

There is a heat in the stomach that comes with not knowing exactly what is going on; a feeling of doom not quite like nervousness but much much worse and the anticipation of doom that lurks around the corner just from voicing your concern, however, this is no reason to keep quiet and hurt alone. I would rather find out now and whatever the outcome deal with it NOW.

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