Stella Mwangi devastated by father’s death


Norwegian police are investigating a hit and run accident where Kenyan musician Stella Mwangi’s father Jeff was killed on Tuesday afternoon.

Police have told Stella’s family they have a good possibility of finding the offender whose car was spotted by several witnesses.

Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia, 54, was hit in the Ullensaker municipality between Dal and Jessheim in Norway.

He worked at a public school in Skogmo, where a gathering was held yesterday in his memory.

The local mayor said the news was received with great sorrow.

Stella meanwhile has been hard hit by her father’s death, who had been one of her main sources of inspiration. Friends and colleagues who tried to contact her say she could barely speak.

Her record label EMI Norway confirmed the tragic news, and asked the press to show the family respect at this trying time.

They asked the media to leave Stella alone at “this incomprehensible, painful and tragic time.”

Stella’s profiles on Twitter and Facebook were awash with condolences, as Kenyans and Norwegians offered their sympathies to the artist, who herself is an inspiration to many.

Stella told Capital Lifestyle in a previous interview that her father had moved to Norway with his family due to political reasons in 1991.

The tragic news comes at the height of Stella’s career, following the release of her latest album Kinanda, and her nomination as Norway’s representative in the massive Eurovision singing contest.


  • Bonnie majaliwa.

    Pole zangu STL and family.

  • Fmuthanga

    So Sorry

  • iNdusasLy

    No matter what happens, GOD will never forsake you.

  • Hosea

    Sorry Stella ….Be strong as God is watching over you ….during this trying moment….

  • Mwauradt

    I am your fan, and I believe God will bring you through this hard time, pole sana.

  • Be strong STL during this trying  moment.

  • Omungalaa

    Angel take Heart coz Daddy had just reached his destination as far as his Journey was concerned hence it was time that he had to Alight. Plz Honey God giveth and he taketh so blessed be His Name. God bless!!!

  • EricOkoye

    sorry lookie!! condolensces

  • Steve

    Sorry for your loss STL

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