FOOD REVIEW: a modern kind of Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is well known for its basic ingredients, among them: pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, and cheese.

But as the whole world – including Kenya – hones in on mastering the ingredients to please the foodiest of Italian tourists, the 21st century is demanding that some flair be added into the mix.

To fulfil their end of the bargain, La Terrazza restaurant in Westlands (Wasini Luxury Homes) decided to call in a young talented man called Christopher Pioroni. His task: creating dazzling Italian dishes to suit the all too sophisticated modern talent.

Pioroni is passionate about food and got his culinary training in Cape Town, South Africa. There he had the pleasure and misfortune of working with Super-chef Gordon Ramsey; during one of the annual Good Food and Wine Shows.

This is what he came up with:

As an entrée: Christopher lined up three kinds of Bruschetta – Tomato, onion and garlic concasse; sundried tomato sauce; and grilled aubergine pickle. Little balls of potato croquettes and capers mayo tied in the loose ends.

The main course was just as generous:

Linguine al Pesto Sardo (sundried tomato sauce and Genovese basil pesto)

Polio Ripieno (Stuffed chicken with pesto, sundried tomato with Mozarella, potato pancake and mushroom sauce) – This was my favourite.

La Terrazza Coconut Curry

For dessert: Chocolate mousse with strawberry coulis

After the food, you will be looking to relax and shisha pipe at the lounge next to the pool comes highly recommended.

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