Royal blue: The new hot color to step out in

Blue heels and especially the royal and cobalt blues are all the rage right now. Forget the black and nude heels that go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe, blue heels have taken over.
I find that the blue heel adds an instant flash of brightness to an outfit and to one’s look in general. Check out the following looks below.

If you notice, from the images above, you can pair your blue heels with whatever color of outfit and still pull off a killer look. Whether you are wearing prints, same blue color or a totally different color altogether…it will work!

There are all sorts of royal blue heels designs. From peep toe heels, to strappy sandals, to block heels, to sky high pumps, to ballet flats for whichever style and design that best suit your taste in stylish shoes.

If you ever want to step out in style in a royal color, then royal blue shoes will absolutely do the magic for you.

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