I’m in love with a Go-Go girl. Can it work?

Darkness has set in, and at a bar in Nairobi somewhere, *Winnie is getting ready to vault from her meek demeanour and become the tiger she becomes every night. The tiger that she needs to become. Its all about the money isn’t it?

Or could it be the thrill? She can see men’s eyes glint in the dimly-lit room where the red lights splash their colour on every inch of space they can find. Spaced out red faces look up at her waiting to feast their eyes. She deftly hoists herself up – long legs first – onto the thin silver pole on the stage. Dressed in lacy white lingerie, she starts to perform the mating ritual and wonders who will get to take her home tonight.

She dances go-go and she definitely is a ho-ho, but as do all human beings Winnie hungers for love – but how?

There are three questions that are often posed. Can you love a lady of the night? Can she love you back? Is it feasible?

The answers to these could very well be a movie script in how they often happen, but films are scripted from real life are they not? To these ladies who sell their bodies to pay rent and perform acts of sex with strangers to make a living, love is usually the only game-changer.

Falling in love or having someone fall in love with them is a ticket to a new line of work and if they’re lucky, a new identity. But how plausible is this?

It is. There are several reasons why a man can fall in love with a girl like Winnie and make it work, but the reasons for the plunge can make all the difference. Whatever you do, don’t try to save her!

Women who go-go and ho-ho are almost always asked the question: Do you really have to do this? Imagine the annoyance.

It could be posed to them before or after the act of casual sex, and a sad answer is a sure hook for any guy with an urge to ‘save’ the damsel in distress. Coupled with freaky sex and a need for love, many men have fallen for these ladies. They begin to frequent clubs where the women work and not only for services; but to just say hello and make sure everything is alright. Soon enough, they are an item – one troubled and the other doing the saving.

However in this case, they both soon realise that the issues she has are too many for the man to ‘save’ her from and the relationship soon crumbles.

On the other hand, a man who asks that question and tries to get to know her but does not try to ‘save’ her could earn her love eventually and compel her to be a ‘better person’ so to speak.

So what am I saying; if you fall in love with a lady of the night and are trying to save her, or make your relationship work, stop trying to save her!

Why am I saying this: because I overheard an argument and asked myself (and others) some questions. Those are the answers.

Whether people like to admit it or not, it is very possible to fall in love with the Go-Go girls, even before the happy ending.

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