Carnivore launches the Dawa Bar


We have the Carnivore to thank for that Swahili phrase that bartenders throw at patrons: “Dawa yako ni gani?” Loosely translated, that has been known to mean; what’s your poison?

The head honcho of bartenders at the Carnivore, John Koko, calls it the “National Cocktail” and it’s hard to disagree with him.

The winning combination of honey, vodka, sugar and ice has been going strong for the last 30 years, and now the management at Tamarind have taken the “Dawa yako ni gani” experience a notch higher.

Simba Saloon Manager John Mworia says they have now launched the official Dawa bar.

“We launched it in mid-December and its tailor to be African, put you at ease, and also act as a holding area for guests who frequent this establishment (Carnivore) for dinner,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

With the signature drink itself taking top shelf on the menu, its trickles down to include the following:

Vodka, sugar, quartered lime, ice and honey

Kenya Cane, sugar, quartered lime ice and honey

Brandy, sugar, quartered lime, ice and honey

Vodka, sugar, quartered lime, chilli, ice and honey

Tequila, sugar, quartered lime, ice and honey

Rum, sugar, quartered lime, ice and honey

Lemonade, sugar, quartered lime, ice and honey

The cocktails now each have their own distinct taste and do not discriminate against the majority of the male gender that do not trust vodka.

The Chilli Dawa does not have pieces of chilli in it. Instead it has bullet chillies soaked for 24 hours in vodka, which is then mixed into the lime, sugar, ice and honey base. The instant warmth, against the cool of the ice and sweetness of the honey makes it an all round taste – perfect for a slow relaxing drink.

The Brandy Dawa is a definite choice for a long night.

Koko vouches for cocktails in general saying they are healthier than any other drink.

So, “dawa yako ni gani?”


  • Nanimimi

    yani hakuna kibao dawa? seriously hakuna kibao

    • Anonymous

      Pahahahaha! Una wazimu wewe! 

  • Anonymous

    Tequila Dawa should be given the alias “Panty Dropper”. Believe me. I have seen it happen. 

  • I thought Cocktails were banned with the infamous Mututho laws?

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