Signs that you are being cheated on

People cheat! Whether married or still dating, men or women…there are people who just cheat and find nothing wrong with doing it! There are ways to detect if your partner is cheating on you and this is even more easily detectable when you are living together.

Some of the easily noticeable signs are:

1: When you partner starts having a new affair, he/she will be awfully nice, kind and attentive to you. This is largely because they are guilty. They know they’re doing something wrong hence the guilt. You may even get random special gifts for no reason.

2: Your partner becomes harsh to you. He/she starts finding fault in everything you do. Constant complaints about you not doing this or that right and this they do as a way to justify the affair they are having in their mind. They just get super angry at the tiniest of issues.

3: There might be sexual requests from your partner that are not usual for the two of you. There could be more sex (as a way to try and keep you from figuring out what’s happening behind your back) or there could be less sex (as a result that they are getting “some” from the clande). This one could be quite tricky to pin point as a sign though…

4: The cheating spouse starts to lose interest and stops paying attention at home. Their interest in everything fades even in important matters like their children. They constantly try to find an excuse to get out of the house. “I’ve gone to check on that thing I told you about”. When they clearly hadn’t mentioned to you about any… thing!
They just don’t care what happens at home anymore, like what is people eat etc

5: So all of a sudden your partner’s wardrobe is changing, they change their perfume or start using one when they hadn’t been before, or even start gaining interest in keeping fit. For the ladies, salon visits become too frequent…let’s face it, when you have someone new in your life, you will want to make a clean impression on them. This is easy to notice especially with the females, as they may just get this glowing look.

6: Is your partner suddenly spending a lot more cash than usual and they take offense when you ask them about it? They are unable to explain to you how they spent the money and will even pick a fight with you to avoid that story. Of course they want to impress their clande and prove that they can show them a good time.

7: The constant lies, I’m working late when his job never requires him to work late and of course there are the signs that the cellular phone freely provides like… practically sprinting outside or to another room or very far to answer calls. Whispering into the phone or hastily dismissing the person who called by saying “Let me call you back” and they have this uncomfortable, suspicious look to them.

A certain phone number is dialed frequently and the name saved is just bizarre “Mwangi the Butcher” and when you call the number a female answers.

8: Of course there are the little tell tale signs like an extra unusual scent (after shave that is not yours, cologne, perfume) on your cheating partner’s clothes, scratches and bite marks on their body that didn’t get there courtesy of you, lipstick on clothes (for the male cheat), receipts, condoms etc in their car glove compartment etc…

These are just some of the obvious tell tale signs that are easily detectable in a cheating spouse. It is advised though, that these should be monitored over a period of say a month or two to be sure that indeed your partner is having an affair. Different people have different game, so you have to take note of the pattern.

Can you think of any others?

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