KG Omulo to begin ‘Ayah Ye’ tour

He calls himself a pioneer of Afro Urban music, but is also known as US based Kenyan musician KG Omulo. The reggae tunes on his debut album Ayah Ye! Moving Train resonate with the determination of a political revolution.

It’s the kind of music you would expect to play in the 1960s as protestors take to the streets to demand their rights.

With 11 moderate-paced tracks, the album also sounds like it jumped out of the Shaft soundtrack.

His profile describing the album reads: “KG takes on the dark ironies of politics, with anger in the groove, reveling in the potential to shake things up while shaking your thing.”

KG is said to have teamed up with a group of “brass and string” artists from Central Florida, and recorded at studios in the US states of Florida and Pennsylvania

Strong guitar fused with speech like singing lends itself to his campaign for a more just world, with tracks like Intervention, Moving Train, Walkway and No Means No.

The title track “Ayah Ye!” is the only track mainly sung in Swahili. (Rate this album).

KG begins touring this year to promote his new album.

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