Search begins for fresh Kenya BBA rep

Auditioning has begun for this year’s Big Brother Africa reality show, which is scheduled to kick off in May. The early announcement was intended to give BBA ‘hopefuls’ ample time to prep and present their most interesting side for the show.

Multichoice Kenya General Manager Stephen Isaboke says that all Kenyans from all parts of the country are invited to give it a go, expressing hope that the chosen candidate will be as well mannered as the previous ones have been.

“Kenyans in the house have been known for good behaviour. And this could be Kenya’s year to win, who knows!” he told a DSTV mini party.

Since BBA took off the prizes have eluded Kenya, going instead to Nigeria – severally – Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The last two Kenyan contestants however have each made it to the last stretch.

“We have come so close. But we must also remember, its not just about winning, its about talent. The Kenyans who’ve been on the show have managed to launch successful careers. They have managed to make a name,” Isaboke said.

The immediate former Kenyan contestants on BBA can attest to that. Actress Millicent Mugadi teamed up with Ahadi Kenya to boost awareness on jiggers by inviting the rest of the housemates from across Africa last year. She is now working on several projects in Nigeria.

“BBA has boosted my profile big time!” Millicent told Capital Lifestyle.

Nic Wagondu on the other hand is involved in an all new East Africa lifestyle show on M-Net called Mashariki Mix. The show kicked off yesterday amid commendable reviews.

Two-time contestant and musician Sheila Kwamboka is also making use of her popularity in Nigeria to launch a music career there. She has further set up a foundation to combat the prevalence of malaria in the country.

Isaboke hopes the time to choose a contestant is sufficient.

Several Kenyans have expressed their interest in being a part of season seven. Do you have what it takes?

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