New urinal video game for gents only

The gents (loo) just got interesting. Gaming companies in the UK and Japan have designed a lavatory console – just – for men.

The consoles are fitted on special urinals with pressure sensors and use the strength and precision of urine to gain points in different types of challenges. Miniature screens are fitted on top of the urinals allowing men to ‘aim’ properly.

Sega, the Tokyo-based gaming company, is rolling out consoles that it has called “Toylets” at urinals for men in bars around the country.

One of Sega’s Toylets is titled “Mannekin Pis”. It measures how hard the player can urinate. Another game, “Graffiti Eraser” requires a player to remove a picture by pointing a hose at the offending image.

UK Company, Captive Media, is piloting the video games in some bars in London. When not in use, the screens show ads and the game is only activated when a user approaches the monitor.

Gamers can post their scores on Twitter or Facebook using their mobile phones.

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