The daring numbers: Cut-out Vs Bandage dress

There are these two hot, lovely and daring numbers that are solely meant for stylish ladies who are either: slim because they work hard at toning their body (I’m talking about eating healthy and exercising for some 200 days a year), or are the type that are naturally lean, eat like an elephant and never put on an ounce (we hate this lot)…. The end! Of course I’m talking about the daring cut-out dress and the bandage dress.

Cut-outs as the name suggest mean that some part of your dress is cut out and quite a bit (or quite a bit) of skin will be on display. You don’t want to look all wrong so for perfection’s sake you have to have the body to pull it off. Otherwise you will just end up being the butt of the joke. If you are into this look, make sure you choose cut-outs that are not too much, that suit your body and make you look stylish.
Check out some cut-out dress designs:

Bandage dresses require that you be slim and proper. Zero stomach protruding and a firm back side. These have a way of amplifying your curves and making you look way bigger than you actually are. So if you mind appearing larger then this number is not for you. As the name suggests, the bandage dress looks like a bandage that has been wrapped tightly all over your body. They are meant to be extra fitting such that they are almost part of your skin. So you have to be really lean (especially the mid-section) to pull this off. When wearing this, you have to eat light as your stomach will just show a food bump.
Check out some bandage dresses:

You have to have guts to wear these two numbers…they are not at all for the faint at heart. You have to look the part and own it! Head held high up like the dress was made just for you.

That said which little number appeals to you? The cut-out dress or the bandage dress?

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