Dating after marriage is necessary

(THITU KARIBA) Many people assume that once you get married that there is no need to date any more. They assume that the dating part was all about pursuit, and not that you have each other till death do u part, there is no need to date. If we are to look at it as dating being gathering of data, then you can see that in marriage there is great need to continue dating. In a marriage you are the one whom should know your spouse more than any other and there is something new to be learnt every day about each other.

When you are under the same roof, sharing a space and being so close an intimate, there are also more tendencies for there to friction. In marriage we move from seeing each other once in a while and parting ways, to seeing each other all the time and being together daily. In marriage, you cannot take a break, or a few days apart to cool down, you come home to each other after a fight and have to share a bed. Again if there is a time and place that dating should be done it is in a marriage, there is need to gather information about what rubs your partner the wrong way, about what buttons one should never push and how to avoid things that make them go BOOM!

When it comes to marriage we tend to think that the job is done at I do, but it really is where it really begins. Marriage means that you are with this person for better or worse till death do you part. Dating is one of the ways we can find out their betters and their worse. If you are to live together in a happy marriage, then you have to get to know each other, you have to be best of friends and you have to get along. This cannot be achieved if you are strangers to one another; you have to invest in getting to know the other person more.

I have heard of married couples who hardly spend time together and hardly know what’s going on in the others life, then I have heard of couples that are best friends, that have a date night every week where they go out, talk, catch a movie, have fun and the difference it has on the marriage is phenomenal. Dating after marriage, after the I do; and during the journey till death do u part is not only a good idea but necessary.

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