Wardrobe staple alert: Tie-neck blouse

I am so loving the tie-necks and if I could have one in every color, print and design you would never
hear me complain 🙂 .
The most beautiful bit about the tie-necks is that they are so versatile. You can wear your tie-neck blouse however you want. Whether you are going for an official look, whether it is for a casual look or whether it is for a laid back look.

You can get a tie-neck blouse in whatever material you like (silk, chiffon, cotton, polyester…) but when the fabric is light the better so they feel proper when made out of chiffon or a sheer fabric. Being light and all, you can easily throw on a coat or sweater when it gets chilly.

They come in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless…the choice is yours. I love that they are so feminine and chic and definitely should be added to every fashionable lady’s wardrobe.

Check out the different ways you can rock your tie-neck blouse. They are meant for the lady in you whether your intention is to dress it up or down.

These super chic lovelies are a keeper and I know tie-necks will be around for a minute.

Images from www.shopstyle.com

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