iPoo: design concept for the future?

It’s not enough for the Apple iPhone and iPad to have apps that tell you where the nearest public toilet is – depending on which part of the world you’re in.

Now digital artist Milos Paripovic has come up with a loo designed specifically for Apple fans.

He calls it the iPoo Toilet, and touts it as both stylish and modern.

The satirical structure is said to be compatible with the iPod, iPad 3, iPhone 5 and MacBook Air, jokes the designer.

But how far out is this concept? I wouldn’t put it past Apple to have the Flush 1 and Flush 2 option attached to their several high end gadgets, even for fun.

If toilets are already self-flushing after use, why would a designer loo not be the next venture?

Milos kids that the design of the loo reminds you of the Apple logo and would make you more popular with your friends and visitors.

“(The) toilet seat is even thinner than Macbook Air, made from the same superb material, so you can wipe urine splatters just as easily,” he says.

We have all seen the t-shirts with iPood written on them, who would like an iPoo in their houses?

Check out some more cool designs on Milos’ website.

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