Ladies, here is what you wear that men detest!

Every woman is unique in her own way, so is her style and fashion preference. Meaning, every woman likes to look a certain way and there’s nothing you can tell a fellow woman that can make her change her style easily. So it’s always best to let them be right?
Men however don’t like certain things that women wear and in some cases these end up becoming relationship deal breakers. There are some fashion and beauty statements that we (women) may have a penchant for that men cannot stand.

Here are some of them:

A male friend of mine (name withheld) tries to explain to me exactly what it is that he hates about certain things that women wear that he cannot stand. He explains “Can you imagine going home with someone and in the morning they look like a different (not-in-a good-way) person altogether or imagine walking in the streets with someone who just looks wrong!”

1. Excess foundation or too much make-up
He says: There are women who go over board with their make-up thinking that their faces are canvasses that need to be painted with every color available. I find this absurd as they end up looking like dolls with too much make-up on. So unattractive! It’s like you are trying to hide something underneath all that make-up.

2. Red lipstick
He says: Do some people think they are vampires? Why would you want to look like you’re from sipping from the blood bank?

3. Facial piercing
He says: Women with piercing on their face are not lady-like. Especially the cheek piercing. When God was giving you a face with no piercing, He knew what he was doing!

4. Blue eye shadow
He says: Blue eye shadow just looks wrong especially when worn in excess. When the make-up looses freshness on the face, you get one scary looking mami.

5. Weaves and strange hairstyles
He says: Mostly we can’t tell the difference when a weave is well done but still, they are so unnatural. You should take pride in your natural hair however bad. And please! Some hairstyles should be left the hell alone, why would anyone want to turn themselves into clowns?

6. Gigantic sunglasses
He says: Do ladies who wear these things know that they look like an overgrown housefly? Enough said!

7. Jumpsuits
He says: I just don’t understand this look. Please leave it to the astronauts and divers!! Please

8. Shoulder pads
He says: These make women look like their shoulders are all buffed up like American football players and like they are about to tackle you…hence I would prefer if this trend is let to rest in peace.

9. Harem pants
He says: They make one look shapeless and in some cases too hippy (sharp and shapeless hips) and who wants to be seen walking around with someone who resembles mc hammer?

10. Granny undies
He says: Those things are massive and ghastly…the end!

11. Stocking used as headscarf
He says: Those things are boring and most of them smell. If you need to wrap your head when you go to bed, then do it stylishly and get a cute headscarf and not an old stocking…geeez!

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