Trend alert: Skinny in color

Red, bright blue, green, orange, yellow, maroon…are the denim colors making a comeback. The only difference with the comeback is that we’re talking about the skinny denims and not the flared kind.

Everyone is used to the basic blue and black denims as they are “universal” and everyone can pull them off. These have been timeless and are everybody’s wardrobe staples. But recently the colors are taking over and the brighter the better? We are always used to wearing bright colors on top and dark colors on the bottom, but this is because dark colors are slimming and make your body look great.

Bright colors worn on the bottom may exaggerate your size and shape a tad. So like in the beginning when skinny jeans were meant for the skinny girls, colored skinny denims best suit this type of figure as well…the straight, lanky figure.
For the fuller figures, thighs and the nether areas will of course be accentuated to look fuller than usual.

These bright colored denims look great on a lanky frame but the slightly curvy can pull them off too. So if you can pull it off, by all means go all neon and bright colors on your jeans.

You could try a bit of color blocking with these colored jeans if it’s your style and if you want to make your outfit fun and playful but they look best with a basic top (white, black, grey).

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