Is your kid a rock star?

All young Kenyans with a knack for singing are being invited to participate in the Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest.

An appeal has been sent out by the Organisation of Africa Youth and partner organizations for youth from Kenya who want to express their hopes, concerns and thoughts on the future of the earth through music.

The music contest is a global competition whose aim is to collect musical messages that explore sustainable solutions for developmental challenges facing the world.

Apart from airplay, the winner will win a trip to the Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro, to participate in the Rio+20 UN Conference for Sustainable Development in June.

The contest is open to anyone under the age of 30 from any part of the world, including Kenya.

Kenya’s process will be run by George Ndungu, from the Organisation of African Youth, who has been selected as the Africa Regional Coordinator and working with National Coordinators to promote the contest in Africa.

Ndungu convened the Kenya Youth Strategy Meeting for Rio+20 in October 2011 that released the Nairobi Declaration.

The deadline for submitting music is March 18, after which the songs will be open to a vote for two months before the winners of the Children’s category (14yrs and under) and Youth category (15-30) are announced.

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