Are you allergic to your own semen?

Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), or also known as a man’s sad story to a very good happy ending, is a legitimate medical syndrome that has been documented in medical journals since 2002.

It seems that experiencing flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, burning eyes, exhaustion, disordered speech, frightening dreams, swollen lips and feverishness immediately after ejaculating – is not so rare for men after all.

In a 2011 study, Dutch researchers found 87% of the 45 suspected male subjects with POIS experienced the symptoms within 30 minutes after ejaculation. All of the subjects reported clusters of symptoms that were flu-like and involved the head, eyes, nose, throat and muscles – leading researchers to also believe that the male subjects were allergic to their own semen.

When the men were exposed to their own semen through skin pricking tests, nearly 65% of the subjects experienced allergic reactions.

That’s right, they were allergic to their OWN semen.

Researchers believe POIS is caused by a Type-1 and Type-IV allergy, which is triggered as soon as a man experiences an orgasm and ejaculates. Some of the symptoms and discomfort may even last up to a week.

In the study, one of the subjects goes on to explain that because of the severity of his symptoms, the subject’s wife planned to have intercourse only on Fridays so he would have two days to recover before returning to work on Monday.

UK Researchers and doctors have also noted similar symptoms in patients that they’ve treated.

Scientists cannot definitively explain why some men experience allergic reactions to their own semen. However, researchers believe that some men’s semen may be exposed to immune cells, which sets off their immune system.

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