Men’s deep V-necks: Acceptable or not?

Earlier today, I saw this super toned guy wearing a red shirt which he had unbuttoned a little too much such that you could almost see his navel. Despite the wide stares he kept getting, he was absolutely rocking the look. He looked proper and like someone who knows a thing or 5 about fashion. To complete his look he was wearing a chic pair of sunglasses and carried a cool messenger man bag.
Normally I wouldn’t even think much of such but he did look nice and I stared with approval.

Now, this plunging neck line (deep v neck) for men trend is not very popular with most. While some think it’s too “gay”, some think it’s too girlie and some too ugly. That the plunging neck lines and cleavage exposing should be left for the lasses.

normal v neck

I say that only if you are sure you can pull off the look then by all means, do what your fashionista sense requires you to do. Remember though that you should expose NO chest hair, you should HAVE a toned body (a big belly showing underneath such a shirt just makes it more wrong) and finally you should have ZERO man boobs!!

That’s just my 2 cents. What do you think…is this trend a hit or a miss?

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