Chic and distressed!

Fact: Denims will never fade from the fashion scene.
Another fact: getting attached to your fave pair of denims is likely to be the case always. However, normal looking denims have been around for a minute and can get a bit boring, so what better way to spruce up your denims by distressing them a bit?
Caution: getting attached to this distressed denim look is also very likely.

Achieving this look is very easy and if done well you might just end up being the chic and distressed lady.
To get this look, you can either rip, fade, tea-dye or splatter your denims with paint to create the effect that they are well-aged.

Dressing up distressed jeans is also very simple. Keeping your shirt and footwear simple is the trick and if done otherwise you might end up looking overdone, busy and too raggedy.

Whether your style is tom-boyish, rocker, ragged chic etc you can achieve the chic distressed denim look effortlessly. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help you rock your look even more.
You can either buy denims that have already been worked on or you can DIY. There are several tutorials on you tube on how to do it.

Best part is that this look can be pulled off by anyone with any shape if you are into the look. Just go for denims that best suit your body shape and size and you will be left smiling all the way to chic-world for nailing the look. Check out the following looks.

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