Are you or your spouse abusive?

(THITU KARIBA) Many times we assume that being abused in a relationship means being battered physically, but did you know that you can be abused verbally, psychologically and spiritually? One will find that in one way or another they have been abusive or been abused in ways than one.

I recall being in a relationship where the one I was with constantly talked down at me, they would make me feel small and tear me down only to feel better about themselves. Calling your spouse words that are demeaning making them feel like less of a man; for not paying a bill or less of a woman for not being able to bare you a male child is verbal abuse and in a way it is also psychological too. Verbal abuse would be considered calling your spouse names for one reason or other and in this case there may be upset but no reason to call them names. Are you verbally abusive or abused?

Psychological abuse comes when the one you are with attacks your state of mind and how you think about yourself. Instead of building you up they tear you down. They can tell you that you are nothing without them, that you are good for nothing, and that even if you left them no other would ever like a thing like you, they could compare you to another man or women and say that they are so much better than you . This act of abuse could also be in the way you are treated, perhaps they deny you any affection, they handle you in a rough manner, and they treat you like trash. All this changes your mindset about you and is very destructive. Are you psychologically abusive or abused?

Spiritual abuse may sound strange but it does happen. The bible tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. I have heard of cases where women marry men who are non believers only to have the man then refuse her to attend church, pray and more, others could be in a situation where you were in one religion and have been forced to convert to something that does not agree with you spiritually and you find that you are spiritually oppressed. There are some who overdo the spiritual thing and spend more time at church than at home and that is wrong; being asked to stop is not spiritual abuse but your marital duty. What I am talking about here is totally denying your partner the right to their own spiritual freedom of expression and growth. Are you spiritually abusive or abused?

Lastly there is the one we are all too familiar with that involves physically beating your partners. There may be a reason to want to hit another, just never a good enough one; just do not do it. Never hit your wife or husband. NEVER!!! Are you physically abusive or abused?

The bible says we are to consider one another and we are to deal with each other graciously. It also tells us that we are not to deal treacherously with our wives.

We would like to let you know that there is help for abusive situations and that you do not have to be in one. Reach out and let us help.

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