Didge promises comeback in 2012

Remember Didge, real name Max Nyatome? Well, though it has been years since anyone heard from him, his talent is still as authentic as they come.

Didge still got it – but for how long?

The 28 year old whose biggest song was Saa Zingine has written a few songs on the by way, and has promised to do more music this year. We’re all waiting with baited to see that unfold.

He told Hits Not Homework that he would start it off with a video for the song he did with Collo – Masupa.

According to the two gentlemen, the video may be out by the end of January, and they may carry out mass auditions to get the cast.

“We were just jamming in the studio one time and came up with the song,” says Collo. “We’re looking for 30 beautiful women who will appear in the video.”

Have a listen to the song and make sure you don’t get the part for the girl who sits ‘ndee’ or the ‘mshamba’.

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