Which Kenyan will make it to BBA 7?

Big Brother must have something very big to share, which is why this time round the seventh edition of the reality TV show will hit your screens in May.

Coca-Cola will still be pumping in money into the project so be prepared for some crazy décor. One surprise that big brother will NOT have this year is an extra winner. There will only be one contestant taking home the loot.

Agents and scouts will have to look for a new kind of crazy from contestants around Africa this time round, in order to beat the stiff competition from Nigeria and Tanzania, which have won the most times.

Whatever happens though, Big Brother will scale things up as usual.

For instance, keeping away food, alcohol and cigarettes can turn a human into a crazy guinea pig. So for 91 days, it is expected that 12 or more contestants will sell their right to privacy to entertain the rest of the continent.

“This show is definitely a high demand property that draws and holds audiences from start to finish,” says M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi.

“And while the basics are the same, every season is different from the last. Re-invention is crucial so I am very pleased to confirm that this year we’re doing something that has never been done before in the history of Big Brother Africa!”

Format owner and producer Endemol South Africa’s MD Sivan Pillay says, “We look forward to surprising and entertaining Africa’s viewers with more twists and turns that have seen this compelling format continue to succeed on the continent as it has around the world. M-Net have established a highly engaging continental audience for the Big Brother brand.”

Kenyan participation in the show has improved over the years and hopefully 2012 will get us as close to the grand prize as possible.

“And we’re announcing the new season very early so that people who are interested in participating can start thinking about whether they want to take this incredible journey!” states Alabi. (Kenyans, are you listening?)

2012 will definitely be good in terms of prize money!

For more information on how and when to enter the new season of Big Brother Africa, keep a close watch on M-Net, or check the website www.mnetafrica.com regularly for updates.

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