Is this the evolution of sex?

Apart from death, sexual intercourse is the only common activity that unites all human beings – unless you want to be a nun or a monk, or you have deep-rooted issues.

Intercourse – let’s call it sex – is the natural recourse to fuel human reproduction; meaning people must have sex for the world as we know it not to die out.

Lucky for us, sex is enjoyable; and so people decided to use it for reasons other than reproduction.

So began the evolution. For a start, sex changes as you move up the human food chain.

For a teenager, its one of the most baffling things, because your body reacts in ways that you never knew it could.

The discovery is both scary and exhilarating, and people tend to read romance novels (like Harold Robbins) to understand what is happening to them.

In one’s twenties, the mission is to understand this beast and to try and get mastery over it, so that you can use it to get what you want. You know, there are things people want, like exercise, satisfaction, babies, marriage, healing, killing boredom, money, experience, friends, etc.

The usage kind of sex happens by accident, because young adults discover that this thing that has such power over them has power over other people too! And the power varies, from person to person.

There are powers of repulsion, powers of Kenya (aka stima), powers of voodoo, powers of polygamy, powers of isolation (pornography), powers of persuasion, powers of blindness, animalistic powers, etc.

But this very powerful tool is in danger of being rendered useless. And I’m not talking just gadgets here. There is just too much sex going on.

It’s ok to have one partner and try different things like peaches, cream and pizza, but too many needless partners are raising the risk of disease, among other things.

Too much sex causes fatigue, confusion, war, hatred, lies, AIDs, a need to have more useless sex, regressive creativity, broken homes, loss of feeling, fake(ness)…need I go on?

Impressive sex keeps it impressive. Guard yourself against watered down sex! Protect the pace of evolution!

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