China’s luxury hotel on Soviet aircraft carrier

What’s the best way of reminiscing China’s communist past? Pay to stay a few nights in a luxury floating hotel built on a former Russian Kiev class aircraft carrier, now officially open for visitors.

Perhaps staying in a former aircraft carrier once filled with missiles, some even nuclear, adds to the allure of China’s newest novelty.

There’s no doubt that in recent times, China has risen as an economic and military power house in the World with arms and naval purchases amounting in trillions of dollars. As sea demonstrations continue and the uncertainty of China and neighbouring Taiwan’s relationship continuing to raise concerns, China’s growing naval power undoubtedly is appealing to curious visitors. And, what better way to capitalize on the cash than offering 5-star luxuries aboard China’s first aircraft carrier hotel?

So, how much will it cost to stay in one of the five lavish presidential suites that include circular beds, European décor and Russian culinary delights? The owners of Binhai Aircraft Park have yet to put a price on it. Currently anchored in the port of Tianjin, once the pride of the Soviet Navy launched in 1972, the Kiev now will be permanently docked.

A bit of an injustice for an aircraft carrier don’t you think?

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