The SHOWBIZ stars of 2011

2011, has been a fast moving year. It has also been awash with talent, brilliant ideas and noble ventures within the entertainment industry. As musicians get bolder and venture across the African continent, gaining in recognition, Capital Lifestyle brings you its own stars of 2011…

10 – Wyre (da lovechild) – this quiet soft spoken musician who is a brand ambassador for Samsung, has been staying strong in the local charts, even after several years. In 2011 he took it a notch higher by teaming up with a host of Nigerian artists, and Jamaican bad gal Cecile!

9 – Amani – She started off the year on a very strong note, months after singing alongside R Kelly and several other great African artists. A well recognised Kenyan songstress who keeps it real.

8 – Muthoni DQ – this disco dancer is a gutsy fire-brand. Her courage and creative talent has not only ushered in a new music beat, but seen her invited to Europe on tour. She has also managed, with her partner Sandra Chege, to bring in a wealth of musical talent from around Africa for Kenyans to enjoy. This has undoubtedly put Kenya on the musical circuit map.

7 – Joey Muthengi – taking over successfully as the Hits Not Homework lady in our lives, this presenter cum rapper never stops working. Her zest and zeal has landed her a place as a Channel O TV presenter. As Black Eyed Peas would say, this… is the beginning.

6 – Lizz Njagah – Former air hostess and actress supreme, Lizz has aggressively made a name for herself, more recently on the Tinsel Silverscreen. Her breakthrough has created room for several other Kenyan thespians to follow suit. The lucky lady also got engaged in a romantic affair in Greece in November.

5 – Camp Mulla – This group of kids got a lot of Kenyans addicted to their talent and sincerity. Their music gave many a Kenyan youth the platform to express themselves too. Swag, love for music, hard work at University, the most expensive video made in Kenya so far and being signed on by a Pan African record label are only some of their achievements in 2011.

4 – Emmanuel Jal – We want Peace, is what Jal always professes. He proved this passion by teaming up with Kenyan politicians and encouraging them to sing about peace in studio. Jal never forgets a face, always has open arms ready for a hug and is on his way to unite the world. He will get as far as he can!

3 – Juliani – This young man has exponential potential to change the mindset of Kenyans who will listen. Boldly taking his pulpit to the streets, Juliani has sung tirelessly about social awakening. One Kenyan must be responsible for the other.

2 – STL – Her stardom is hard to quench, especially now. Her latest album Kinanda, has taken Africa and Europe by storm since its release in June. Haba Haba, Lookie Lookie and Hula Hoop are mega-hits, endlessly pitting her on tour. She has only just secured beats from across East Africa to start work on her new album in January.

1 – Nonini – He has been criticised for singing about sex in the past. But he defends that he was only singing about what was important to him at the time. What is crucial to him now, is the segregation and ill-treatment of albinos. Colour kwa face is his latest project. How can the birth of an albino lion or elephant be more joyous and wondrous than an albino human being? Help him buy and donate sunscreen…

There are many stars whose stars shone bright in 2011. Tell us who is your star, who inspired you this past year?

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