Countdown of the 10 best movies in 2011

(KEN MACHARIA) – Getting a consensus on the best movies of the year is like voting for the best color of the year. You’re likely to get diverse views based on personal movie genre preferences, favorite actor(s), visual effects, or even the story line. So, with the help of the CapitalFM team and a nifty high-tech anonymous survey, came up with the top 10 movies and series we have watched this year. Here are the top 5.

5. Adjustment Bureau

Adjustment Bureau attempts to answer one of mankind’s eternal question: Is fate made or set? In the movie, David Norris (Matt Damon), challenges fate after meeting the beautiful Elise, for the second (accidental) time. The adjustment bureau is entrusted with making sure everyone follows the script but find a formidable force of two people in love. There is something about Matt Damon that makes him a loveable victim turn victor.
Now we have one more reason to break-up with the significant other. “It’s not you, it’s the adjustment bureau.”

4.Horrible Bosses

If you think you have a cruel boss, then you should watch Horrible Bosses. You will probably love your boss after watching this hilarious movie. In a nut shell, three friends plan to ‘eliminate’ their horrible bosses but the plans turn disastrous on every turn. Although the script is ordinary, the characters add the necessary spice to make Horrible Bosses one of the best comedies of the year.


Thor is not your usual super-hero Marvel movie. Humbled after being ‘brought down to earth’, Thor learns a few lessons on humility and leadership in his brief stay on earth.
It helps that the movie is in 3D bringing out the best of Asgard – the mystic homeland of Thor. A sequel is in the pipeline and is set to be released in November 2013.

2.King’s Speech

Who would have guessed a movie based on a King’s stuttering speech would be a hit? King’s speech won many hearts with its emotional hook on the struggle of King George VI to overcome a congenital stammering condition, and deliver a moving speech towards the end of the movie. King’s speech earned over US$250 million worldwide. Not bad considering it cost US$5million to make it. The British movie has won over 70 awards including four Oscars. Based on a true story, the King’s speech gives credence to the notion of real life stories eclipsing created stories.


Move over James Bond and Jason Bourne. The new action name is Jolie. Angelina Jolie. Salt is one of the few female action movies we have seen this year, though it was released in 2010. The spy-espionage-turncoat story line has been around for some time but Evelyne Salt takes it a notch higher with real-life stunts and pace.
Clearly, Jolie has established a niche for herself as the leading female action actress and the perfect wife – an example of work-life balance, on and off the screen. Maybe its time we start seeing Jolie’s action figure replacing Barbie the doll.

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